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New Commercial Solar Installations

BeBa Energy UK specialise in three key areas – solar PV, energy storage and EV charging infrastructure.

Our engineers have unrivalled experience to take your project from conception to completion to management.

Since 2010 BeBa Energy have installed over 625 solar projects totalling over £75m. 

beba energy

Solar Operations & Maintenance

Developing and installing a new solar project is only half the story.

In order to get the most out of your new asset it is crucial that it is operated and maintained by a fully qualified – professional – team.

With this in mind BeBa are proud to offer a range of solar panel maintenance services that are available to both BeBa and non-BeBa clients.

beba energy

Prepare For Batteries

The benefits of energy storage are well known; not only do batteries help smooth the intermittency of solar power but they can also help improve the economics of certain solar installations.

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