Commercial Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar Panel System Repairs

Solar PV arrays are made up of many different components – many of which are in a constant state of operation.
It is therefore not uncommon for certain parts of the system to fail over time.
Luckily BeBa Energy are have dozens of fully trained engineers on hand to help keep your system running.
From faulty inverters to issues with isolators, BeBa hold stock of all major equipment for instant deployment.
In addition, if you are unsure whether or not your system is performing as it should, BeBa offer a comprehensive system MOT to ensure you are getting the most from your investment.

Asset Management

BeBa Energy are one of the UK’s most trusted solar specialists and currently maintain over £147m worth of solar assets for our valued commercial, agricultural and domestic clients.

Solar System Maintenance


We are committed to providing our UK-based customers with long term peace of mind through our extensive solar maintenance plans, which we’ve spent over a decade perfecting. All of our plans have been carefully developed to enhance and optimise the longevity and security of your investment in solar. 


Our reactive Essential Service
plan is everything you need
to keep your solar system
running, current and

As standard, you’ll receive a
full annual service and access
to our technical helpline to
discuss any faults and gain
access to useful advice. If you
do have a fault, we’ll charge
our usual competitive
commercial rates to come
and fix your system as and
when problems occur.

With this plan, you are
responsible for monitoring
your own system for faults
and alerting us should any
faults occur.


Our reactive Essential+
Service plan takes the service
level one step further, with
greater peace of mind that
your investment is fully
supported all year round. This
plan includes all the benefits
of the Essential Service Plan
but with one call out* free of
charge per year in the event
of any faults or technical
issues, as well as access to
our faster parts replacement
*One technician for two hours

With this plan, you are
responsible for monitoring
your own system for faults
and alerting us should any
faults occur.


With our proactive Premier Service plan, you can trust us to take care of everything, including the running, optimisation and monitoring of your system, as well as any repairs that may be needed. We monitor your system using a real time online remote monitoring portal which, if not already installed, can be retrofitted to your existing system. With the Premier Service plan, you enjoy all the benefits of the other plans but we watch your system daily and will react to faults while you concentrate on more important matters. For an optional additional cost we can also fully insure your system with our full operational insurance* used by over 300 of our existing customers.
*subject to survey