Solar Panel Installation

A successful project starts well before the solar installation begins.

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A solar PV system on or near your business is a great way to reduce your electricity costs, slash your carbon footprint and earn an income.

Solar panels generate clean electricity during daylight hours, and this electricity is used to offset electricity that you would ordinarily purchase from the grid.

The power is 100% green meaning that you can take comfort in the fact that you are doing your bit to mitigate climate change.

What’s more, any power not consumed on site can either be sold to the ‘grid’ or stored in a battery for later use



BeBa Energy UK are experts at developing, installing and maintaining solar PV systems – since 2010 we have installed over 500 systems across the UK.

With this in mind we know that every site in the UK is unique and so the first step on the journey towards realising a solar PV project is to call or email our office. Solar is not right for every business so we need to understand how your business operates in order to advise you on the correct solution – not just on the physical solar panel installation but also on how you might wish to fund it.

Once it is confirmed your site is broadly appropriate for solar PV we will carry out an intensive site survey to ensure that the solar asset can perform at the highest levels for at least 25 years.

As soon as the commercial solar panels is installed we will handle the operation and maintenance of the system – including cleaning – so that you you can get on with running your business.

Time is running out!

Don’t lose your share of the tax breaks for investing in solar power!


Super-Deduction ends March 2023
and the £1million Annual Investment Allowance ends December 31 2021