Solar Panel Cleaning

The importance of a clean solar panel

The role of a solar panel is to convert light into electricity – with this in mind it stands to reason that a clean solar panel will generate more electricity than a dirty one.

Secondly, by cleaning your solar panels at least once a year, you will prevent the build up of difficult-to-remove containments such as lichen.

Lastly, by putting a robust cleaning regime in place, you will help avoid your panels developing ‘hotspots’ which can – in certain circumstances – reduce the life of your system.

In 2019 BeBa invested in radio-controlled, robotic, cleaning technology to offer the best solar cleaning service for your solar panels whilst protecting our workforce. The system uses only deionised water – as recommended by panel manufacturers – pumped directly to the rotating brush heads, to give exceptional cleaning power.

By distributing the weight of the robot across the solar panels we are able to provide a superior clean without risk of damaging your system.