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System size

993.85 kW

Number of panels


Anticipated output

949,384 kW/h

Carbon reduction (pa)

292,333 kgs

Solar utilisation on site

91 %

Overall contribution of solar to their power mix

27.37 %

Driscoll's Extend Solar Array

Project Overview

Completed in November 2019, this optimised system is one of the largest of its type in the UK.
While most solar PV installations group rooftop panels into ‘strings’ of up to 24, a combination of smart hardware and software used at Driscolls allows the panels to operate independently.  This ensures that one dirty or below-par panel does not affect the performance of the rest of the string.
The installation was included in the build of Driscolls’ new headquarters in Kent as they wanted sustainability to be front and centre of their new development.
BeBa Energy worked closely with several other contractors on site to provide the finished product, and the system now sits within BeBa’s portfolio of nearly 500 managed systems.

Client’s Comments

“We did a lot of work with BeBa Energy, contractor Civils Ltd and Driscolls’ to forecast the energy usage of the completed building so that the size of the array would maximise the return on investment.
Cold storage and office applications such as this, with a heavy summer load but also with consistent year-round demand, are ideal for solar PV and give an effective return on investment even without the now-defunct Feed in Tariff. As project managers we were also keen to procure a high quality, safe, timely and error-free installation, and that’s what BeBa Energy delivered.”

Duncan Pierce Project Manager | Page Surveyors

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