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KLM UK Engineering Ltd / Norwich Airport


Norwich, Norfolk

System size

249.90 kW

Number of panels


Anticipated output (pa)

226,409 kWh

Carbon reduction (pa)

52,300 kgs

Solar utilisation on site


Overall contribution of solar to their power mix


Project Overview

Completed in November 2020, this 735-panel system was developed and installed on Norwich Airport’s brand new ‘Hangar 9′ which will be occupied by KLM UK Engineering Ltd.

Whilst most solar arrays are added long after completion of a new building, this array was fully incorporated at design stage, making a much more effective and efficient use of the full roof space.

With 250kW of generating capacity, this solar array produces enough power to run 113 2-bedroom homes, and reduces KLM’s carbon emissions by 52,300kgs per year, the same as taking 6.3million car miles off the road.

Client’s Comments

“As a responsible business, KLM UK Engineering Ltd has an obligation to mitigate our impact on the environment so being able to power a significant portion of our new facilities via the solar panels on our roof is wonderful.
It will also help drive behavioural change as we will be able to monitor – in real time – the impact the solar system is having on reducing our carbon footprint.” 

Peter van der Horst, Managing Director | KLM UK Engineering Ltd

“The solar array formed an integral part of the ambitious ‘Hangar 9’ project, and we were determined to go above and beyond with energy efficiency measures within the building.
Like KLM UK Engineering Ltd, we have a significant role to play in supporting sustainable business practices, and we look forward to seeing how the solar array helps the airport and KLM with achieving their sustainability goals.” 

Phil Langley, Operations Director | Norwich Airport

BeBa comments
“BeBa were delighted to be chosen to develop, deliver and manage this impressive solar PV project. The aviation industry is under pressure to mitigate the impact it has on the environment and this solar array is a wonderful statement of intent.
It’s fair to say that when solar PV is incorporated into a new build it’s usually a token amount, so it is great to see almost all of the available roof space being used to generate clean power.”