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Commercial Solar Panel Installers Enfield

Why Should Enfield Businesses Invest In Solar Panels?

Financial Benefits:

The decision for businesses to install solar panels is a sound financial choice. Transitioning to solar energy can result in significant reductions in electricity expenses, typically ranging from 25-35%. This decrease in energy costs can substantially boost a company’s bottom line. In an efficiency-focused business landscape like Enfield’s, adopting solar power presents dual advantages: it’s not only environmentally responsible but also economically advantageous.

Predictable Energy Costs:

For Enfield businesses, adopting solar energy signifies a step towards financial security in an often volatile market. Solar power offers a consistent and reliable pricing model, a clear contrast to the fluctuating costs of traditional energy sources. This change is not merely about reducing expenses; it’s a strategic move. In Enfield, the cost of solar energy often amounts to nearly half that of standard grid power, facilitating more efficient financial planning and demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Return on Investment (ROI):

Embracing solar panels results in both environmental and financial rewards. Businesses that invest in solar solutions can anticipate notable economic returns within a 5 to 7-year span. The primary drivers of these returns are the reduction in energy costs and the possibility of generating additional revenue by selling excess energy to the grid. Consequently, opting for solar energy in Enfield is a prudent financial move that also supports environmental sustainability goals.

Save the Planet:

Businesses adopting solar panels are at the forefront of environmental protection, cutting down on fossil fuel use and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This transition to renewable energy is not just about cost savings; it’s a significant step towards nurturing a cleaner, more sustainable future for generations to come.

BeBa Energy

BeBa Energy UK is committed to combating climate change by installing and optimising solar PV systems across the UK. Drawing from over a decade of experience and adopting advanced practices from Germany, a solar PV pioneer, we have successfully installed and managed over 500 systems, overseeing £150m worth of solar PV systems since our inception in 2010.

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Large scale commercial solar projects across Enfield.

BeBa Energy, renowned for its expertise in commercial solar panel installations, caters to the diverse needs of the industrial and commercial sectors in Enfield and the broader London area. Our comprehensive solar integration process spans 9 to 12 months, ensuring in-depth planning, development, and installation. For further details on our methodology, please click here.

Considering solar energy solutions in Enfield with BeBa Energy? Our experienced team works in tandem with architects, contractors, and industry experts to bring your solar projects to life. We specialise in a wide array of installations, encompassing extensive industrial systems, impactful single-site projects, and intricate multi-site setups. We’re eager to explore solar energy options for your Enfield business, whether it’s for commercial, agricultural, or office applications.

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Financing Commercial Solar Installations for Enfield Businesses

Enfield businesses considering the installation of commercial solar panel systems have three key financing options available.

The first is Capital Purchase, where the company pays the entire cost of the solar system upfront. This initial investment is gradually recouped through savings on electricity bills and profits from selling surplus electricity to the grid.

Another option is the Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). In this arrangement, a third party owns and maintains the solar system, while the business purchases the generated electricity, often at a rate about 20% lower than standard electricity costs.

The third choice is Asset Finance. This involves securing a loan to fund the purchase of the solar panels, typically with a repayment term of 5 to 10 years. This method can be more manageable for cash flow, as the savings from lower electricity bills help in servicing the loan.

Solar panels use photovoltaic (PV) cells to convert sunlight into electricity. When the sun shines onto the PV cells, it dislodges electrons, generating a flow of direct current (DC) electricity. This current flows into an inverter converting it into alternating current (AC) which is useable by homes and businesses.

The entire process takes about 40-52 weeks. It begins with a preliminary proposal to ensure the PV system aligns with business goals. Next, an application is submitted to the grid for connection approval. Several surveys assess the suitability of the solar array for the proposed roof or ground. After analysis, a formal proposal with final costs is provided to the client. Once agreed upon, planning permissions are submitted. Finally, after these permissions are granted, the project delivery occurs. 

Benefits include reducing electricity bills, reducing carbon emissions and footprint, achieving net zero goals and increasing property values.

Before any solar PV system is installed, a full site and technical survey will be carried out whereby a third party structural survey will assess the structural integrity of the building. The outcome of the surveyors findings will dictate whether or not the building is suitable for solar PV. 

There are several factors that need to be considered:

Energy usage: If your energy consumption is high, solar panels can offset or cover a portion of these electricity bills.

Roof/ground condition and location: to maximise the efficiency, it is important to have an area with minimal shading and a south or east-west roof for the panels. It is important that the roof is also in good condition or remedial works will need to be carried out beforehand.

Fun fact, if your roof is a low pitch, some North facing roofs may even be suitable for solar, particularly on sites that have large energy demands.

Yes definitely.  If you are looking at expanding your solar array, please get in touch with a member of the BeBa team who will assist in working out whether or not you would benefit from an additional solar PV system.  

Yes, there are various national and regional grants available for solar. Please check with your local authority or on the government website to identify whether you could be eligible.

Choose BeBa for Solar PV in Enfield

Solar Panel Installations

In the current environmentally aware business environment, BeBa Energy provides Enfield’s businesses with the necessary resources to update their operations through solar panel systems. Featuring advanced technology, customised solutions, and extensive support, BeBa Energy assists the commercial and industrial sectors of Enfield in fully leveraging solar energy, enhancing their operational effectiveness and ensuring sustained growth.

Panel & Inverter Repairs

BeBa Energy is renowned in Enfield for its extensive repair and maintenance services for solar panels and inverters, tailored to meet the specific requirements of local businesses. As a dependable source of long-lasting solar solutions, our reputation is reinforced by our efficient and expert repair services, ensuring that your solar systems operate at peak performance.

Ongoing maintenance

BeBa Energy is dedicated to providing ongoing support and confidence to the business community in Enfield. With more than ten years of experience in the solar industry, we offer a broad range of solar maintenance services. Tailored to meet the distinct needs of each client, our maintenance plans are designed to enhance, extend, and protect your solar energy investment.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Accumulation of dirt and debris can reduce the effectiveness of solar panels. To address this issue, BeBa Energy offers specialised cleaning services for the commercial sector. Opting for BeBa Energy for the maintenance of your solar systems not only enhances their energy production but also extends the lifespan of your panels, in line with strict environmental standards.

Decade of Expertise

With more than a decade of experience, BeBa Energy is acknowledged as an expert in the field of solar energy, particularly in London and Enfield. Our long-standing history highlights our skill in creating, implementing, and managing tailor-made solar solutions, each designed to cater to the specific requirements of businesses in the London area.