Every investment should deliver a solid return, and Solar PV systems are no different. From design and installation through to real-time monitoring and maintenance, we’ll secure your investment in solar.


Why choose solar?

…and why choose BeBa as your solar partners?

If your business is thinking about making the transition to cleaner, greener energy, you need more than a solar installation – you need a solar partner. That’s what sets BeBa Energy apart. Unlike other solar companies, we’ve been around for 20 years and pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with all of our commercial customers. Not only do we install solar panels to the highest standards, we provide ongoing maintenance and real-time monitoring to ensure your investment is working as hard as it possibly can for you.

Commercial services offered

BeBa Energy provide a full range of commercial, long term sustainable renewable Solar PV solutions, for both roof-mounted and field-mounted options through to complete solar parks. All of which will benefit from the Feed in Tariff whilst continuing to generate ‘free’ electricity past the 20 year timeline of the tariff scheme.

Roof Mounted

Whether you have a flat or pitched roof, on a commercial, agricultural, residential or retail property, BeBa Energy can install the right Solar PV solution for you and your budget. We will design the perfect match for your energy needs and structure. We only use the highest quality components, and always ensure that the structure and integrity of your roof is protected, whilst maximising the potential of your Solar system to give you the best return on investment.

Field Mounted

BeBa Energy specialise in designing, installing and integrating Solar PV systems onto land, creating an optimised ground-based solution that will produce anything from 30kW to 5MW of electricity.

Our in-house design team work with you to create a system that delivers the energy profile that best suits your needs, and our high-tech equipment allows us to install quickly and cost-effectively.

We’re the only UK business with a GAYK tracked pile driver, which ensures complete accuracy and speed during the installation process. Our experience is unparalleled, which is why we can commit to helping you achieve the best possible long-term return on investment.


Solar PV for Farms and landowners

If you have a farm or large area of accessible land, BeBa Energy can help you make the most of your space with high-yield solar PV solutions.

BeBa Energy specialise in the design and integration of Solar PV onto both agricultural land, as well as roof-mounted systems on agricultural buildings such as barns, chicken sheds and grain stores. From 10KW to 5MW systems, we can install the perfect solution for your needs – high-yield, short return on investment, with long term (20 years index linked) government backed payments at competitive prices.

Office and Factory Rooftops

Whether you have a large office building or factory, BeBa Energy UK will design and install a high-performing, Solar PV system that will offer a long term sustainable income for your business for a minimum of 20 years.

By installing Solar PV on to your unused roof space, you will not only increase the energy efficiency of your building – but you will also receive a substantial ongoing income from your energy supplier and the government.

Commercial and Property Developments

If you’re a developer or builder, BeBa have the solutions to your energy regulation requirements, at a cost that makes commercial sense, and installed without wasting any of your people’s time.

Our cost-effective solutions can be designed and integrated into your development to reach the relevant BREEAM ratings / planning conditions with very little effort. In fact, our specialist teams can design a solution that fits perfectly into your existing plans, and install them without the need to take up your contractors’ time. Using our expertise and experience, we ensure that the structure and integrity of the roof remains completely effective, while at the same time maximising the potential of the solar installation.


Feed in Tarrif

The Feed in Tariff, or FiT, is a government policy that was introduced in 2010. It’s designed to encourage the adoption of renewable energy, and rewards you for the energy you generate from a solar system, whether you use that electricity or not.

Speak to us to learn more.


Repairs & Invertors

The technology behind solar panels is sophisticated. Without regular preventative maintenance or monitoring, efficiency could reduce by up to 50% over 3 years. We won’t let that happen.

Why BeBa?

It’s tempting to think that getting solar panels installed is a one-time thing, and for many it is. Lots of solar companies will install your panels and then move on, never looking back.

We’re different.

We know that for solar panels to perform effectively and deliver a good return, they need to be monitored and maintained, and that’s precisely what we do.