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System size

224.58 kW

Number of panels


Anticipated output (pa)

202,571 kWh

Carbon reduction (pa)

46,797 kgs

Solar utilisation on site

79.2 %

Overall contribution of solar to their power mix

23.76 %

Project Overview

Completed in July 2021 following 2 years of development, this 591-panel system is installed on Sleepeezee’s 1,200m2 factory building in Kent.

Already a carbon neutral business, Sleepeezee were keen to do all they could to further mitigate their impact on the climate as a result of their energy-hungry work.

With almost 230kW of generating capacity, Sleepeezee will consume nearly 80% of the energy produced with the rest of the power being exported to the grid for use by other local homes and businesses

Client’s Comments

“This is an important step for the company, as it is helping us to further reduce the carbon footprint of our manufacturing operations.

We’re delighted to have partnered with BeBa Energy UK for the delivery of this system. The pros and cons of the project were clearly laid out from the beginning, and the installation could not have gone any more smoothly from our part; it has been excellent service all round.”

Steve Warren, Managing Director | Sleepeezee

BeBa comments

“Seeing such a well known brand such as Sleepeezee ‘go solar’ is such a wonderful thing to see.

At the turn of the century solar panels were still a niche method of generating electricity; the preserve of either NASA or the very wealthy. Now, however, we’re seeing big business look towards solar panels as a legitimate way of producing power cost-effectively whilst at the same time reducing their carbon emissions

We’re excited to continue working with Sleepeezee well into the future.”

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