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Port of London Authority



System size

78.08 kW

Number of panels


Anticipated output

70,428 kW/h

Carbon reduction (pa)

16,269 kgs

Solar utilisation on site

100 %

Overall contribution of solar to their power mix

20.26 %

Project Overview

Completed in July 2020, this integrated system is one of the largest of its kind in the UK.

While most solar PV installations sit ‘on-top’ of the roof, an innovative mounting system allows the panels to become the roof.

The installation was included in the refurbishment of the Port of London Authorities Headquarters in Gravesend (Kent) so rather than replace the roof and then install solar panels on top, the client chose to make clean energy generation part of the very fabric of the building.

BeBa Energy worked closely with several other contractors whilst providing the finished product, and the system now sits within BeBa’s portfolio of nearly 500 managed systems.

Client’s Comments

“While the project was designed to enhance the PLA’s energy security and reduce its carbon footprint, the roof is also proving to be a big hit aesthetically. While standard solar PV installations are functional at best, the integrated roof looks nothing short of stunning. As soon as it was finished we had enquiries from members of staff who are considering adopting this technology at home as it looks so much smarter.

BeBa’s suggestion that it would make sense to consider an integrated system since the PLA was carrying out a full refurbishment of the building was a sensible one, and the detailed calculations helped the client make an informed choice.

BeBa Energy UK provided proactive and professional support throughout the planning, design and installation phases of the integrated solar PV system and I would certainly recommend the company to other businesses looking for solar PV in future.”

Chris Brown Senior Contracts Manager | Area (London)

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