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Hildon Water



System size

249.7 kW

Number of panels


Anticipated output

224,730 kW/h

Carbon reduction (pa)

51,134 kgs

Solar utilisation on site

73.88 %

Overall contribution of solar to their power mix

27.03 %

Project Overview

Installed in March 2019, this 908-panel system was developed and installed to help Hildon achieve their aim of becoming the UK’s most sustainable natural mineral-water brand.
Based near Romsey in Hampshire, the array was designed to compliment the existing building as well as provide an impact to visitors as they approach the facility.
The 249.7kW is anticipated to generate over 224,000kW/h’s per annum; 73.88% of which will be utilised on site with the balance being sold to the local grid.

Client’s Comments

“Hildon is very conscious of its commitment to the environment. We look after 180 acres of beautiful landscape and we are determined to make the business as sustainable as possible to protect it now and in the future. Installing solar PV is an important part of that strategy to make Hildon one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly natural mineral water companies in the UK.
The development team at BeBa Energy were friendly and personable, and laid out a comprehensive and carefully researched business case for installing solar. We were equally impressed with the delivery team who were professional, efficient and tidy and delivered the project on time, despite bad weather. They certainly knew their stuff and the whole project was completely stress free.”

Debbie Jones Executive Director | Hildon Water

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