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FW Mansfield & Sons



System size

1096.15 kW

Number of panels


Anticipated Output

1,022,810 kW/h

Carbon reduction (pa)

315,000 kgs

Solar utilisation on site

98.41 %

Overall contribution of solar to their power mix

26.96 %

Project Overview

Installed in July 2019, this 3,322-panel system was developed and installed to compliment Mansfield’s existing solar systems that they installed in 2011.
With electricity prices rising sharply, chief executive officer Phil Hermon turned to solar PV to help stabilise the price of at least part of their annual electricity demand, as well as enhancing the company’s green credentials.
The nearly 1.1MW array is one of the largest privately-owned solar PV systems in the country and is forecast to produce enough power to run 255 four-bedroom homes.

Customer’s Comments

“The first PV system performed exactly as we were told it would and paid back sooner than expected, which gives me absolute confidence in the figures we have been given for the latest scheme; it’s always a pleasure to work with people who produce accurate data.

Electricity prices continue to rise and that isn’t going to change.  Energy is one of my top five overheads and something I really need to future proof.  If this system pays for itself in five years I get 20 years of free electricity, and the estimated net benefit over 25 years is five times our investment, even after taking into account all ongoing costs.

The environmental impact is also hugely important to Mansfields. We are one of the largest fruit growing businesses in the UK, if not the largest, and we have a duty to lead from the front.

We supply all the main supermarkets and so we have to have the right environmental credentials. This new PV installation will reduce our carbon footprint by more than 315,000 tonnes of CO2  a year, and that’s an impressive figure”

Phil Hermon CEO | FW Mansfield and Son

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