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Fen Farm Solar Park

System Size

(kWp) 899.97



Annual output

(kW) 224,730

Annual CO2 Savings

(kgs) 257,756

Project Overview

BeBa Energy were the first UK EPC contractor to be appointed to build a solar Park. Ecotricity selected BeBa due to their unprecedented experience in the design, supply and construction of Solar Parks. The selection process involved a trip to BeBa Germany, and a visit to two 5MW solar parks that had been constructed by BeBa. The park is connected to an Emerson central inverter, which is housed in a BeBa designed inverter housing. At the time, the park was one of the largest in the UK and consists of sixty rows of Sharp 185watt modules, totalling 899.47 kWp. The entire site was design, managed, constructed, commissioned, and continues to be maintained and operated by BeBa’s team of Engineers. Fen Farm continues to out-perform expectations. Ecotricity, established in 1996, are an environmentally responsible energy supplier and have goals of reducing CO2 emissions from electricity production, transport and farming. They asked BeBa to build a solar park at Fen Farm to complement their sizeable wind farm on adjacent land and to add to their energy mix.