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East Hall Farm / Whin Close Poultry

System Size

(kWp) 250

Annual output

(kW) 208,791

Annual CO2 Savings

(kgs) 88,110


West Norfolk

East Hall Farm

In 2012 BeBa Energy completed a 30 kW installation East Hall Farm, in Sedgeford, Hunstanton. It is owned by Necome Baker Farm. The site is roof mounted and is perfect for the customer, due to the high usage within the farm and surrounding buildings.
The site is maintained using our Premier Plus Operations and Maintenance plan and has had a healthy yield ever since completion.

Whin Close Poultry

In 2018, Necome Baker Farms approaced BeBa to support them with their completion of a new poultry farm. Whin Close Poultry Farm is a brand new facility, consisting of 4 large chicken houses specifically designed for the best available welfare and low cost production of chickens. The nature of the business calls for high on-site energy usage that almost mirrors the production of Solar throughout the year. BeBa Energy were commissioned to install a 250 kW high tech Solar Edge controlled solar system that will provide a high proportion of the sites energy requirements for the next 25 years plus.