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Knockholt, Kent

System size

50 kW

Number of panels




Having installed their solar array some time ago, Cooling’s have enjoyed many years of clean energy generation. As a garden centre, it made sense for Coolings to use the sun to power their site in the same way the sun helps grow many of the products that they sell. Given how busy they are however, they were not in a position to manage the system themselves. As a result, they contracted BeBa to not only monitor day-to-day performance but also keep the system clean.

Client’s Comments

’Solar is one of the best investments we have ever made as a business. With this in mind, it made sense to have an established business look after it for us; the last thing we wanted to do was take time out from our core work to have to ‘babysit’ the system. BeBa monitor and report on performance, as well as support us if we have to make a warranty claim or carry out repairs.’

Paul Cooling, Managing Director