From design and installation through to real-time monitoring and maintenance, we go above and beyond to secure your investment in solar.

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Why choose solar?

…and why choose BeBa as your partners?

At BeBa Energy, we believe that solar is the future. We should all seek to lessen our carbon footprint and the impact our homes and businesses have on the environment. But we also understand that solar is an investment and investments need to be nurtured and cared for. That’s why we go above and beyond to install solar technology to the highest possible standards and provide ongoing care and maintenance to each and every customer.

We’re not just solar providers. We’re your long term solar partners.

Why BeBa?

It’s tempting to think that getting solar panels installed is a one-time thing, and for many it is. Lots of solar companies will install your panels and then move on, never looking back.

We’re different.

We know that for solar panels to perform effectively and deliver a good return, they need to be monitored and maintained, and that’s precisely what we do.

Commercial solar

When your business makes an investment, you expect to see some kind of return. Why should solar technology be any different? For two decades we’ve partnered with countless business to help them take the first steps to a cleaner, greener future, but our commitment doesn’t stop there.

While some solar companies carry out installations only, we don’t like to leave our customers hanging. Using real-time monitoring technology, we constantly assess the performance of your panels and will pay regular visits to ensure you’re getting the maximum possible return on your investment.

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Residential Solar

If you want to reduce your home’s carbon footprint, solar is the perfect place to start. From individual buildings to entire apartment complexes, we have over two decades worth of experience in the installation, maintenance and upkeep of solar PV technology.

While many solar companies of the past have since disappeared, we’ve been partnering with landlords and homeowners up and down the country to not only install solar panels, but ensure they’re working safely and performing at their absolute best.

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We’ve partnered with a number of solar funders in the UK, from commercial banks to private investors. We can also provide lease finance, hire purchase and free solar schemes to get you up and running.



The technology behind solar panels is sophisticated. Without regular preventative maintenance or monitoring, efficiency could reduce by up to 50% over 3 years. We won’t let that happen.



All BeBa installations come with full insurance for your peace of mind, so you can be sure your panels will be maintained and remain profitable for years to come.

Solar PV and financing

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