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Hugh Lowe Farms Solar Array Serves Up Better-Than-Expected-Performance

June 23, 2022


by 8.41%

Hugh Lowe Farms’ 307.36kW solar PV array has generated nearly 20,535 more units of clean electricity than predicted for the 12 months to June 2022.

The 904-panel array, installed in early 2021, has helped Hugh Lowe Farms on their mission to make their processes as sustainable as possible.

Jon Regan – Director at Hugh Lowe – commented, ‘We are really very happy with the solar PV system. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that the sun which ripens our strawberries also helps power our facilities.’

More power,

less CO2

The additional power that has been generated will reduce Hugh Lowe’s carbon footprint by 4,312kg – roughly the same as planting 240 trees.



Hugh Lowe’s array is managed and maintained under BeBa’s Premier Plus maintenance plan; not only does this mean BeBa actively monitor the performance of the array, they also insure the system for Hugh Lowe as well.

’The team at Hugh Lowe are so busy doing what they do best that they simply do not have time to continually check that their solar array is working in line with predictions’ commented Shaun Beattie, BeBa’s Sales Director. 

‘Our remote monitoring system and automated alerts really come into their own in this situation’ Shaun added.