Solar is a great investment. Not only does it provide long-term energy price security, it also allows you to generate sustainable income while providing 100% clean, green energy. At BeBa Energy, we have a number of financing options to help you access this technology quicky and easily.

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Financing your investment

We’re not just solar providers. We’re long term solar partners, and we’ll do everything in our power to help you make the switch to solar and reap the benefits. We’ve partnered with some of the UK’s leading solar funders, from commercial banks through to private investors, so we’ll find a package that’s right for you. We can also offer lease finance options, as well as hire purchase and free solar schemes to help get you up and running as smoothly as possible.

How financing works

In many cases, our lease finance scheme yields an income balanced to outgoing costs. Alternatively, our free solar option involves a system being installed on your site for free, with a long term power purchase agreement between you and the system owner. Of course, you could also arrange a hire purchase in order to fund the system outright.

We provide financing for businesses across a wide range of sectors, including:

– Commercial and industrial buildings
– Schools, colleges and council buildings
– Retail outlets and distribution centres
– Farm buildings, grain stores and other agricultural buildings
– Hotels, sports clubs and holiday parks

If you think solar is right for you but aren’t sure how to proceed, contact us today and we’ll talk you through your options – no fuss, no obligation. Just plain, honest advice.

Why BeBa?

It’s tempting to think that getting solar panels installed is a one-time thing, and for many it is. Lots of solar companies will install your panels and then move on, never looking back.


We’re different.

We know that for solar panels to perform effectively and deliver a good return, they need to be monitored and maintained, and that’s precisely what we do.



The technology behind solar panels is sophisticated. Without regular preventative maintenance or monitoring, efficiency could reduce by up to 50% over 3 years. We won’t let that happen.



All BeBa installations come with full insurance for your peace of mind, so you can be sure your panels will be maintained and remain profitable for years to come.

Solar PV and financing

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Finance is subject to successful credit checks by the relevant finance house. BeBa Energy is not involved in this process - we act as an introducer only, and any agreement is made directly between you and the financial institutions concerned.