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BeBa are experts in the installation and ongoing maintenance of Solar PV systems

Although a Solar PV system has no moving parts, they still need a certain level of maintenance. Smaller domestic systems up to 4kW tend to be installed in clean and suitable environments. Therefore, we recommend a servicing regime of once every three years. This is just a guideline and frequent maintenance can be beneficial for some systems. For example, in the case of many systems on the old feed in tariff, an under performing system will easily cost more than the servicing costs without considering the effects of underlying damage or electrical safety. BeBa specialise in system diagnostic and replacement inverters, for those that have failed early in situations where warranties are still enforces. Where possible, BeBa will assist replacements under warranty and all you’ll pay for is the call out and labour element.

We will provide competitive prices for all inverter replacements

You've taken the first step and installed solar technology. What happens next?

Whether you’re a homeowner who was an early adopter of solar technology, or a landlord who has recently had panels installed across a range of residential properties, there are some things to be mindful of.  Solar technology is an investment, and like all investments it needs to be nurtured over time to ensure it’s delivering the best return possible.

Unfortunately for many solar adopters, many companies that have installed solar systems over the past 20 years have since gone out of business. This means that many homeowners who invested in solar are now seeing diminishing returns due to poorly performing systems and damaged panels.

We’ve been in the solar business for 20 years, and each and every one of our installations gets ongoing care and maintenance as standard. From site visits and health checks, to remote real-time monitoring and scheduled cleaning, we go above and beyond to ensure our customers get a solid return on their investment in solar.

Thanks to our growing team of engineers, we’re now able to extend the same high level of service to all solar system owners, regardless of who carried out your initial installation. Simply give us a call to discuss your needs. We’ll learn everything we can about your current system, and may even pay you an on-site visit for a no obligation checkup.


Domestic inverters generally last 10-15 years if well looked after. They take the energy your panels generate from the sun and turn it unto energy that can be used by your appliances or fed back into the grid. If your inverter were to fail, you would no longer be able to harness the electricity being generated by your panels, so it is important to get them replaced as quickly as possible.

BeBa Energy are service parents to many of the main inverter manufacturers such as SMA, ABB, Huawei, Fronius, Solis, Pro Watt, ZeverSolar and many others. We are able to operate their warranties on your behalf. Of if the inverter is no longer covered by warranty, we can provide a competitive price to supply, replace and service your system.

Replacement faulty Inverters supplied and installed from £599 excluding VAT

Health Checks

If you’re concerned that your solar panels aren’t performing as well as they should or delivering an adequate return on investment, give BeBa Energy a call today.

Our technical team have all the skills to help you get the best possible yield out of your solar system.




If your panels aren’t sheltered, getting your window cleaner to clean them regularly is a great way of maintaining their effectiveness. 

Panels installed by another company?

Some installers have gone out of business. If you’ve had your panels installed by another company and you’re worried about their ongoing efficiency, or simply want the system checked and fully serviced, here at BeBa Energy we are happy to assist. We are also happy to take over the maintenance and assist you to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment.

Domestic service costs start from £240.

Solar Panel Efficiency

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