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Commercial Solar Panel Installers Havering

Why Should Havering Businesses Invest In Solar Panels?

Financial Benefits:

For Havering businesses, installing solar panels is a smart financial choice. By adopting solar energy, they can cut electricity costs by about 25-35%, boosting profits. In Havering, where efficiency is crucial, going solar is both eco-friendly and economically beneficial.

Predictable Energy Costs:

For companies in Hillingdon, transitioning to solar energy equates to financial steadiness in an unpredictable market. Solar power offers consistent and reliable pricing, a huge contrast to the fluctuating costs of conventional energy sources. This move goes beyond mere cost reduction; it’s a strategic choice. In Havering, the cost of solar energy is often nearly half that of traditional grid power, facilitating better financial management and demonstrating a dedication to environmental sustainability.

Return on Investment (ROI):

In Havering, choosing solar panels is a decision that brings both financial and environmental rewards. Companies investing in solar solutions can anticipate considerable economic gains within 5 to 7 years. This return on investment is driven by decreased energy costs and the chance to profit from surplus energy sold back to the grid. Thus, adopting solar energy in Havering is not only a financially astute move but also aligns with environmental sustainability goals.

Save the Planet:

In Havering, companies that switch to solar panels play a vital role in environmental conservation by lessening reliance on fossil fuels and cutting down greenhouse gas emissions. This transition to renewable energy not only leads to lower energy costs but also significantly contributes to creating a cleaner and more sustainable environment for the coming generations.

BeBa Energy

BeBa Energy UK is committed to combating climate change by installing and optimising solar PV systems across the UK. Drawing from over a decade of experience and adopting advanced practices from Germany, a solar PV pioneer, we have successfully installed and managed over 500 systems, overseeing £150m worth of solar PV systems since our inception in 2010.

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Large scale commercial solar projects across Havering.

BeBa Energy, at the forefront of commercial solar panel installations, caters to the industrial sector in Havering and the broader London area. Our comprehensive approach to solar integration typically spans 9 to 12 months, ensuring meticulous planning, development, and installation. For more details on our process, please click here.

Considering solar options in Havering with BeBa Energy? Our team works closely with architects, contractors, and industry experts to bring your solar projects to fruition. We specialise in a variety of installations, ranging from expansive industrial systems to significant single-site setups, and even multifaceted systems across multiple locations. We’re ready to discuss solar solutions for your Havering business, whether it’s for commercial, agricultural, or office applications.

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Financing Commercial Solar Installations for Havering Businesses

For Havering businesses considering commercial solar panel systems, there are three main financing options available.

The first is the Capital Purchase method, where the company pays for the solar system outright. This investment is recouped over time through savings on electricity bills and revenue from selling surplus electricity to the grid.

Another choice is the Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). In this arrangement, a third-party owns and maintains the solar system, while the business purchases the generated electricity, often at about 20% lower than the standard electricity rates.

The third option is Asset Finance. This involves financing the purchase of the solar panels through a loan, typically repayable over 5 to 10 years. This can be a more manageable approach for cash flow, as the savings from lower electricity bills help in repaying the loan.

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Solar Panel Installations

In the current environmentally aware business world, BeBa Energy provides Havering enterprises with the means to upgrade their operations through solar panel systems. Featuring advanced technology, customised designs, and strong support, BeBa Energy assists Havering’s commercial and industrial sectors in fully utilising solar energy, enhancing their operational effectiveness and ensuring lasting success.

Panel & Inverter Repairs

BeBa Energy stands out in Havering for its thorough repair and maintenance services for solar panels and inverters, tailored to meet the demands of local businesses. Our reputation as a dependable resource for long-term solar solutions is backed by our swift and proficient repair work, ensuring that your solar systems operate at peak efficiency.

Ongoing maintenance

BeBa Energy is dedicated to providing ongoing support and peace of mind to Havering’s business community. With more than ten years of experience in the field, we offer a wide range of solar maintenance services. Tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, our maintenance plans are designed to enhance, extend, and protect your solar energy investment.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirt and debris buildup can negatively affect the efficiency of solar panels. In response, BeBa Energy provides specialised, environmentally friendly cleaning services for commercial entities. Opting for BeBa Energy to maintain your solar systems not only boosts their power output but also increases the lifespan of your panels, ensuring compliance with stringent environmental guidelines.

Decade of Expertise

With more than a decade of experience, BeBa Energy is acknowledged as an expert in the solar energy industry, particularly in London and Havering. Our long-standing history highlights our skill in creating, implementing, and managing tailor-made solar solutions, each designed to cater to the specific requirements of businesses in the London area.