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Commercial Solar panel Installers

Why Should Businesses Invest In Solar Panels?

Financial Benefits:

For businesses in London, harnessing the power of the sun has never been more straightforward. By opting for a solar install in London for commercial properties, you not only make a massive step towards sustainability but also towards huge savings. Imagine converting your rooftop or land space into an energy powerhouse. With a well-sized solar array installed, businesses in London can expect to see a reduction in grid electricity demand by 25 – 35%. Over time, these savings from reduced energy costs can have a substantial positive impact on your bottom line, making it an affordable and efficient solution for London-based commercial entities.

Predictable Energy Costs:

Unlike traditional energy sources – whose prices can fluctuate due to market conditions and geopolitical factors – solar energy provides fixed and predictable energy costs. This stability allows businesses to better plan and budget for the future, as well as ride any storms that come their way. Again, broadly, businesses can expect energy from a solar array to be around half of the price they buy power from the grid for.

Return on Investment (ROI):

Solar installations offer a strong return on investment. The initial upfront investment can be recouped over 5-7 years through energy savings and potential revenue from excess energy sold back to the grid.

Save the Planet:

Use clean, renewable, energy to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, decrease your commercial building’s reliance on fossil fuels, and minimise pollution. Commercial solar panels are one of the few investments that are great for the planet and your businesses finances.

BeBa Energy

BeBa Energy UK is dedicated to fighting climate change by installing and optimising solar PV systems across the UK. With roots in Germany, a solar PV pioneer, we’ve adapted their advanced practices for the UK market, leveraging over a decade of experience. We’ve successfully installed 500+ systems and currently oversee £150m worth of solar PV systems since our establishment in 2010.

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Large scale commercial solar projects

BeBa Energy specialise in providing comprehensive solutions for large-scale solar panel projects. Our experience has taught us that solar panel installations are not an overnight venture – they take time and careful consideration. Typically it takes 9 – 12 months to develop, design and install a commercial-scale solar array; further detail can be found out about the timeline here:
If you’re thinking about investing in solar with BeBa Energy, we can team up with architects, contractors, and consultants to make your project a success. Whether you’re a big industrial setup, spacious single-site installation, or multiple smaller systems across different locations, we’re here to chat about your solar investments in business, agriculture, or offices. Be Smarter, Be Greener, BeBa.

Financing Commercial Solar Installations

For business owners considering a commercial solar system, there are three primary financing options to explore.
First, the Capital Purchase option allows you to buy the system outright, with your investment recouped over several years through electricity savings and income from selling surplus electricity to the grid.
Alternatively, a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) involves a third party owning and operating the system, selling you the generated energy at approximately 20% less than your current electricity costs.
Lastly, Asset Finance entails borrowing funds secured against the solar panels, which are repaid over 5 to 10 years. This option minimizes the impact on cashflow as the electricity bill savings are used to service the loan facility.

Choose BeBa for Solar PV

Solar Panel Installations

In an era where sustainable practices are of utmost importance, choosing BeBa Energy for your solar panel system brings businesses the chance to revolutionise their operations. By merging state-of-the-art technology, tailored designs, and continuous support, BeBa Energy empowers companies to seize the potential of solar energy and propel their success forward.

Panel & Inverter Repairs

BeBa Energy stands out by providing businesses with extensive repair services for solar panels and inverters, positioning us as the perfect partner for enterprises aiming for enduring dependability. Our dedication to preserving the functionality of your solar investment is evident in our swift and effective repair services.

Ongoing maintenance

Our commitment extends to providing sustained peace of mind for businesses. Backed by over a decade of expertise, we offer holistic solar maintenance packages. Carefully tailored, these plans are engineered to enhance and optimise the longevity and security of your solar investment.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Unclean solar panels can impede energy production efficiency through the build-up of dirt and debris. BeBa Energy offers environmentally conscious cleaning services tailored for businesses. Elevate energy generation efficiency, prolong panel lifespan, and embrace forward-looking solutions by selecting BeBa Energy for the upkeep of your commercial solar system.

Decade of Expertise

With over a decade of experience, BeBa Energy stands as a seasoned leader in the solar energy industry. Our extensive background underscores our expertise in designing, installing, and maintaining solar solutions tailored to your businesses’ diverse needs.