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Are Solar Panels Still Worth It?

In order to understand if solar is still worth it, it’s probably a good idea to give some background and explain why the questions in phrased that way.

The Importance of Remote Monitoring

There is a widespread misconception that solar systems are a ‘fit-and-forget’ technology. Whilst it is true that solar PV systems contain no moving parts, they are still made up of many different components that can, on occasion, go wrong.

No Export? No problem

A solar PV system must work in harmony with the local distribution network. Sometimes, this isn’t always possible

Solar Panel Installation – System Sizing

If you have made the decision to consider powering your facility via solar panels on your roof/land, the next logical question to ask is – ‘what size should the system be?

Insulation Resistance

Whilst solar PV systems are fairly straight forward in the way that they operate it’s important to understand poor installation can cause issues further down the line.

Energy Storage – the hottest of topics.

By far the most common question we are asked at the moment is – ‘should we consider energy storage/batteries as part of our project/add it to our existing system?

Funding Solar – Capital Purchase

By funding the system via cash, not only do you own the asset from day one, you will not need to worry about interest costs eating into your return on investment.