Grain Harvesters

GH Grain is one of Kent’s largest and best known grain storage facility with a healthy use of power to dry and move grain around the site. In 2011 BeBa Energy were approached by the then owners a consortium of local Farmers to Design, Install and maintain a Solar PV system on the roof tops of the newer storage sheds. These systems have provided over 99% availability due to their constant inclusion in the BeBa Energy Premier Plus plan.

Customer’s Comments

“The performance and service were so good we went on to build a further 1099kW on this site in 2016 and BeBa Energy have been monitoring and maintaining them under their Premier Plan since commissioning. These are perfect examples of commercial solar put to the best use with over 90% on-site usage over the year.”

Location: Wigham, Kent
System Size: 118
Annual Output (kWh): 120,014 (2014)
Annual CO2 Savings (kgs): 50,418
Panel Info: 627 no 185W Sharp