Abbey View Produce

Abbey View Produce is a huge supplier of vegetables, fruit and salad to Sainsbury’s stores. Abbey View recently invested £3 million in to a new processing and packhouse building that has been hugely successful due to the increase in British grown produce especially within Sainsbury’s. Abbey View has always been energy conscious and the construction of the new packhouse incorporated all different types of energy efficient technologies, coupled with their onsite CHP generation, making Abbey View a leader in low Co² productions salads, fruits and vegetables. Abbey View currently use around 90 percent of the energy they generate on site.

Customer’s Comments

“BeBa Energy UK came up with a well thought-out proposal for a 250kW solar system, which was the optimum size to allow the business to get maximum benefit from the Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs),” said Bill. “They did an excellent job of installing and commissioning the system, which is already performing well and is likely to pay for itself in around six years.”

Location: Waltham Abbey, Essex
Size (kWp): 250
Predicted Payback years: 6
Panel Model: REC PE Modules