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When you install Solar panels, you want to achieve the best possible return. Solar PV from BeBa Energy offers outstanding onsite energy generation solutions, using our high quality components, experienced design and exceptional service.

Design Install & Maintain with BeBa Energy one of the UK's most trusted Solar PV professionals.

Solar systems take advantage of the free energy provided by the sun, converting the energy into electricity to make it a renewable, clean and cost-effective way to produce power. 

As well as allowing you to power your property through your own, onsite energy generation, Solar also gives you the opportunity to make money, through the Feed in Tariff or through selling any excess electricity you generate.

BeBa Energy provide a full range of commercial, long term sustainable renewable Solar PV solutions, for both roof-mounted and field-mounted options through to complete solar parks. All of which will benefit from the Feed in Tariff whilst continuing to generate 'free' electricity past the 20 year timeline of the tariff scheme. 

Produce your own electricity, reduce your overheads and maintain with Solar PV from BeBa Energy.

What is the Feed in Tariff?

The Feed in Tariff, or FiT, is a government policy that was introduced in 2010. It's designed to encourage the adoption of renewable energy, and rewards you for the energy you generate from a solar system, whether you use that electricity or not. What's more, the income is actually guaranteed for 20 years, and goes up with inflation each year, making it a fantastic investment

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Common questions

How do I get paid for export?

We start your installation with a full inspection of your site, along with an analysis of your energy usage. From this we approximate your energy usage and what we think you require in order to make solar viable for you. You may use lots of energy during part of the day and very little at other times - during high usage, you’ll use all of the energy generated, and during low usage any unused energy is sent back to the grid.

Any systems over 30kWp have the option to have an export meter installed (subject to energy provider) which measures how many kWh of energy are sent back to the grid, for which you will be directly paid every quarter. For systems under 30kWp you are automatically be deemed by your FiT provider to be exporting 50% of the energy you produce. You will get paid a set export rate for that energy, which will be included within your quarterly payments after your quarterly declaration.

Can I change my electricity supplier without affecting my FiT agreement?

Yes you can. In most cases you would leave your feed in tariff agreement with the original provider but move your energy purchases to anyone you choose. Although it is possible to change your FiT provider, the level of service and income doesn’t change from one provider to another, therefore usually there is no reason to do so.

How long do the panels last for?

BeBa offer a range of panel warranties:

REC - 12 years product warranty and 25 year performance warranty. This means that the product is fully guaranteed against breakdown for 12 years from the date of commission, while the module is guaranteed to perform above a certain predicted percentage of its original design output for 25 years.

In our standard payback calculator we allow for system performance degradation of 1.7 percent per year annually which falls in line with the standard warranty.

For most other modules, the product warranty is 10 years and the performance warranty is 25, however in all cases the validity is only as strong as the manufacturers business.

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