Monitoring and Maintenance

Monitoring and Maintenance

BeBa offer a dedicated operations and maintenance (O&M) service, catering to all types of solar PV systems, whether or not they were installed by us.

We already look after roof and field-mounted solar installations generating over 70mW of solar power - that makes us the UK’s largest and most experienced independent renewable facilities management operator.

Our highly skilled electrical engineers even have the experience and qualifications to support other renewable energy installations, from wind turbines through to large-scale anaerobic digestion plants. Whatever renewable energy you prefer, BeBa have the skills, knowledge and expertise to help you.

Our O&M services include:

  • Continuous system monitoring
  • Pro active fault finding and analysis
  • Guaranteed response times to faults
  • Fully insured system Yields (subject to initial system compliance)
  • Annual site inspection and O&M visit included
  • Up to 3 Call Outs per year
  • Comprehensive system insurance cover against theft, vandalism, system breakdown and underperformance (underwritten by our UK insurers)
  • Investment yield assurances on underproduction, loss of yield and revenue
  • Access to our experienced technical helpline
  • Monthly yield comparison against predicted yields

We maintain a full stock of replacement components to prevent delays in responding to faults, and have a 24 hour helpline. We also offer advanced solar panel cleaning services.

Why is routine maintenance essential?

If you want to gain a maximum return on investment, keep a safe, functional and tidy system, and avoid costly repairs, you need to conduct routine maintenance. We don't agree with other installers who consider solar to be a "fit and forget" technology, because we've seen systems in a dangerous state.

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