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Valley Grown Salads

Vince Russo, Managing Director of Valley Grown Salads, visited the BeBa installation at Abbey View, another UK produce supplier. He was extremely impressed with the system, and became interested in the opportunities available for his own company.

We designed a 150kWp system that could be installed over three rooftops at Valley Grown Salads. We completed the installation in just 2 weeks, allowing plenty of time for the local UKPN to visit, fully inspect and sign off the system.

I was impressed with the BeBa Energy service… As a food producer it was very important to me that [BeBa] kept the site clean and tidy, and they did. Stephen also handled all the paperwork from start to finish, which took the headache away from me. It was a completely stress-free process. Vince Russo, MD

Due to their energy profile, Valley Grown Salads will be using the majority of the energy that is produced onsite, making it a particularly cost-effective way of powering the site and protecting against rising energy costs.

The payback term of the solar installation was estimated at 7 years, but the benefit to the company of displaying its green credentials provides further significant value.

Key Aims

  • Boost Green Credentials
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Protect Energy Supply
  • Invest in the Future

Fact File

Size of System:
149.75 kWp

Annual predicted electricity generation:
119,761 kWh

Ungeared IRR (without cost of finance):

Predicted payback:
7 years

Predicted CO2 Savings (yr 1)

Predicted FiT income (yr 1)

Predicted Export (yr 1):

Predicted import saving/benefit (yr 1):

Predicted total benefit (yr 1):

Valley Grown Salads

Founded in 1963, Valley Grown Salads has built itself up over the years to become a large supplier and distributor of salad and vegetables to retailers including two of the UK’s leading supermarkets.

Ambitious growth plans, including the development of their own growing nursery, pay testament to the company’s determined nature and commitment to quality and sustainability.

Valley Grown Salads approached BeBa to help boost their green credentials, reduce energy costs and, perhaps most importantly, invest in the future.

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