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PJ Lee & Sons

While cost was a factor, PJ Lee and Sons were more concerned about the expertise, abilities and experience of their chosen supplier.

They opted for the solution designed by BeBa, a system that would offer a class-leading system with an outstanding energy conversion ratio.

As part of our ongoing Partner Plus Maintenance Scheme, BeBa were also able to offer the assurance of a guaranteed yield, as well as a full service package to ensure the system continues to operate effectively throughout its lifetime.

The roof of the new storage facility was a brand new Kingspan insulated roof, so the mounting system for the solar panels was manufactured and supplied through Kingspan to meet their requirements.

Luckily, BeBa are an authorised installer of Kingspan mounting systems, which meant that we were able to install and commission the project without delay.

Key Aims

  • Cost-effective Solution
  • Expertise & Competence
  • Service & Maintenance Options
  • Suitable for Kingspan Roof

Fact File

Size of System:
250 kWp

Annual predicted electricity generation:
250,000 kwh

Predicted CO2 savings (yr1)

Predicted CO2 savings (total)

Predicted payback:
6 years

PJ Lee & Sons

PJ Lee & Sons - Highflyer Farms have been operating for 30 years as a family-run concern, and are one of the largest individual potato producers in the UK. They predominantly serve fish and chip shops, with their top quality chipping potatoes being shipped across the country and even exported to Ireland.

During the last 30 years, the farm has expanded to cover more than 6,000 acres across the Cambridgeshire and Nofolk borders.

At their new, 11,000 tonne potato storage facility, PJ Lee and Sons wanted to incorporate solar energy, and found BeBa through extensive recommendations.

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