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Key Aims

  • Increase annual yield
  • Deep clean of the solar panels
  • Repair or replace any faulty components


Fact File

Size of System:
36 kWp

Percentage fall due to lack of maintenance

Annual savings due to maintenance repair work:



NFU Maintenance Visit

It was NFU partner BeBa that came to the assistance of the NFU when staff at Stoneleigh realised that its 36kw system, installed in 2011, was underperforming and took advantage of a free BeBa system health check.

 “We started by cleaning the grime and dust that had built up on the panels over the previous three years, but that turned out to be the least of their problems. 

 “We discovered a number of electrical issues, including a burnt out component that would have been arcing long before it finally died - and in somewhere like a grain store could have caused a major fire.

 “Not only was the output decreased by the dirty modules - in this instance by seven to eight per cent - it was further reduced because the failed component had stopped ten per cent of the array from operating, with those two things combining to lose the NFU around 18% of its expected revenue.”

 While the NFU headquarters had been provided with a simple monitoring system showing the panels’ output, it didn’t highlight problems such as the burnt out component, something all BeBa-installed systems enjoy and which can be retrofitted to systems taken on under a maintenance contract.

 The cost of having a solar PV system maintained by BeBa would be better described as an investment, since it quickly results in improved performance and extra income at a time when other areas of farming are under pressure.

 “The NFU’s system should earn £12,300 per year in FiT payments, so an 18 per cent fall in output costs the organisation £2,214 per year, plus the more than £400 needed to buy that amount of electricity from the grid,” said Stephen. “That £2,600-plus is many times more than the cost of a basic annual maintenance and clean.”


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