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BeBa Energy Headquaters

‘BeBa Energy practise what they preach within their new office, combining a mixture of both LED lighting and Solar PV to produce and reduce power for the future’.

BeBa Energy’s move to a new premise, bought with it an opportunity to go green through the use of both Solar PV and LED Lighting. Being specialists within green technologies, BeBa installed 50 new LED light fittings in to the suspended ceiling which met the strict guidelines covering light quality and light levels. Through the use of their own products and expertise, BeBa were able to create a lighting effect that reduces eye strain and fatigue whilst saving over 70% over their original conventional lighting due to the reduction in luminaries to achieve the desired light level. Along with this reduction, BeBa have a payback period of just 3 years subject to enhanced capital allowance meaning that the whole value of the light fitting controls are subject to 100% capital write-down in the first year.

LED dimmers were also installed to further increase savings. These luminaries are put in place to dim or even switch of the lights when they are not required.

Following their investment in to LED lighting, BeBa added a 10.8kWp solar PV installation which would allow them to produce and reduce their electricity bills.

By utilising both technologies in to the same building, BeBa have been able to save up to 80% on their electricity bills.

Key Aims

  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Produce electricity
  • Enhanced office working conditions
  • Produce and reduce

Fact File

Size of Solar PV system:

Predicted payback on Solar:
6 years

Predicted payback for LED lighting:
2 years

BeBa Energy UK

BeBa Energy UK Ltd are one of the UK's most respected and trusted renewable energy specialists. We distribute, install, maintain and manage high-quality Solar PV and energy efficient LED lighting systems to clients across the country. As we're technically driven rather than sales driven, we aim to make long-term relationships with our customers and provide them with the ultimate long term solution for their energy requirements.

Our combination of technology, high-quality components, expert staff and unwavering commitment to what we do makes us the first choice for developers and commercial businesses looking for a greener way to energise their organisations with the benefit of real financial returns.

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