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Whether you have a large office building or factory, BeBa Energy UK will design and install a high-performing, Solar PV system that will offer a long term sustainable income for your business for a minimum of 20 years.

By installing Solar PV on to your unused roof space, you will not only increase the energy efficiency of your building - but you will also receive a substantial ongoing income from your energy supplier and the government.

Office buildings and factories, all tend to have two things in common - large roof spaces and long working hours. That typically points to a large on-site energy consumption, with high and ever-increasing electricity bills. 

BeBa Energy design, install and maintain solutions that allow you to generate your own on-site energy and reduce your overall reliance on your energy supplier, ensuring your costs are kept under control long into the future whilst simultaneously lowering your CO2 emissions.

Our high-performing systems are seamlessly integrated into your commercial property, without creating disturbance to the building users. Thanks to our extensive experience, our installations are designed to maximise potential and keep ongoing maintenance to a minimum.

BeBa's high-quality solutions are designed to provide daytime energy that fits the usage profiles of your property, generating power where and when it's needed as well as reducing your demand throughout the day. 

We're fully MCS accredited, and ISO9001 registered, so you can be assured that any installation or product we provide has the requisite certifications.

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Common questions

What is the Feed in Tariff?

The Feed in Tariff, or FiT, is a government policy that was introduced in 2010. It’s designed to encourage the adoption of renewable energy, and rewards you for the energy you generate from a solar system, whether you use that electricity or not. What’s more, the income is actually guaranteed for 20 years, and goes up with inflation each year, making it a fantastic investment.

Can I change my electricity supplier without affecting my FiT agreement?

Yes you can. In most cases you would leave your feed in tariff agreement with the original provider but move your energy purchases to anyone you choose. Although it is possible to change your FiT provider, the level of service and income doesn’t change from one provider to another, therefore usually there is no reason to do so.

Do I need planning permission to add solar panels to my roof?

Under new government rules, any solar PV system installed under 1MW is granted under permitted development. There are some exceptions, generally around systems to be installed in AONB or near listed buildings. For systems 50kWp and over the council planning department must be advised, and may require more details of the proposed installation.

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