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If you're a property developer or builder, BeBa have the solutions to your energy regulation requirements, at a cost that makes commercial sense, and installed without wasting any of your people's time.

With increasing regulations around the use of renewable energy in new developments, and public focus on sustainability and eco-friendly buildings, solar PV from BeBa Energy is fast becoming the gold standard in commercial development projects.

Our cost-effective solutions can be designed and integrated into your development to reach the relevant BREEAM ratings / planning conditions with very little effort. In fact, our specialist teams can design a solution that fits perfectly into your existing plans, and install them without the need to take up your contractors' time. Using our expertise and experience, we ensure that the structure and integrity of the roof remains completely effective, while at the same time maximising the potential of the solar installation.

Our service enables you to conform to the requirements in place nationally and locally, while increasing your green credentials without your building costs skyrocketing.

We're fully MCS accredited, and ISO9001 registered, so you can be assured that any installation or product we provide has the requisite certifications.

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Common questions

Do your installations meet the relevant building regulations?

Our electrical side of the domestic installation is covered by Part P of the Building Regulations. We use NICEIC Part P approved electricians, which means we will arrange Building Control Part P approval on your behalf at the end of the project.

The structural side of Building Regulations (Part A) relates to the weight which is to be added to the roof in comparison to the weight of the roof covering. We may suggest a structural survey by an independent Structural Surveyor to sign-off the calculations regarding the above. If, however, you have your own independent Structural Surveyor who can carry this out we can assist them with all the relevant information.

Do I need planning permission to add solar panels to my roof?

Under new government rules, any solar PV system installed under 1MW is granted under permitted development. There are some exceptions, generally around systems to be installed in AONB or near listed buildings. For systems 50kWp and over the council planning department must be advised, and may require more details of the proposed installation.

Does my roof need to be south facing?

No. The best yields come from facing roofs with a 25 degree pitch, however roofs that are 20 degrees of south east or west will yield only 3-5% less dependent on the pitch. At BeBa we have many systems operating for clients orientated east and west together which on shallow roof pitches (below 15 degrees) perform exceptionally well and provide a more consistent level of energy throughout the day rather than a very high peak energy level half way through the day. This energy production profile often suites many of our clients better as they are able to use more of the power throughout the day.

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