Solar PV solutions by Industry

With our extensive experience in solar energy, BeBa have designed and optimised our solutions to meet the specific needs of a variety of industry sectors. Discover how we can help you reduce electricity bills, generate a substancian income from your excess electricity, and increase your green credentials with clean, pure, solar energy.

Our industries

Farms and Landowners

BeBe Energy specialise in the design and integration of Solar PV on to agricultural land - in fact our equipment and experience are unrivalled in the UK. We can install anything from 10KW to 5MW, and give you the most effective long term solution on the market.


Office and factory rooftops

Whether you have a flat or pitched roof, BeBa Energy can help you generate grid-quality electricity using the highest quality components and installation techniques while maintaining the structural integrity of your property and increasing your green credentials.


Commercial Developers

BeBa Energy can help you meet renewable energy building regulations, integrating solar installation into your development to ensure you achieve timely and cost-effective signoff. Our established service is fast, effective and reliable - just what you need.


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